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Charitable Foundation

Westerbridge Education is starting the process to be a pending registered "B Corp" as we are set up as a for-profit social enterprise with a mission to support sustainable education.

This in practice means two things.

  • Firstly, 10% of profits are specifically set aside as funds to support students to study abroad who would not otherwise be able to do so. These funds are administered by the Westerbridge Charitable Foundation which is currently targeting Indian students in the lowest socio-economic parts of society but who show exceptional potential. We then partner with Western Universities who also support these students with additional scholarships so enabling as many students as possible to benefit.

  • Secondly, our pending B Corp status means that we prioritise sustainability as a general principle in day-to-day decision-making across the business.

Our accounts are independently audited each year. 
The Charitable Foundation is overseen by individual trustees. 

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