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TechnologyLead/Product Manager

Remote    |    Full-time

Company Description

Westerbridge Education is a leading educational advisory firm based in the UK, specializing in providing comprehensive guidance to individuals in India and the UAE seeking to pursue their studies abroad. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our core values of trust, authenticity, care, and unparalleled customer service. With imminent expansions in Mumbai and Dubai, we strive to create a trusted pathway for students navigating the complexities of international education.

Job Description

1. Assess the technical soundness of projects. 2. Develop detailed tech specification sheets. Identify and engage an external web developer for projects. 3. Collaborate with external web developers from project initiation to completion. 4. Possess in-depth knowledge of database management, user interfaces, and website development. 5. Develop a sophisticated back-end computer program for a new business vertical. 6. Envision and present the user interface. 7. Propose interactive features for the interface. 8. Conduct comprehensive testing and sample studies of the developed product.


  • 1-5 years of experience in a programming role is preferred.

  • Proficient knowledge and understanding of databases.

  • Proven experience in managing a team of skilled web developers, ensuring the successful completion of web-based platforms.

  • Familiarity with programming languages such as HTML, C++, PHP, etc.

  • If you excel in a dynamic, high-energy environment, work independently, enjoy embracing challenges, possess advanced technical computer skills, and have a genuine enthusiasm for working with technology, we invite you to join us. This is an opportunity to contribute to a startup's growth and development in its early stages.


  • Compensation will be determined based on skills and experience.

  • Potential for performance-related bonuses and incentives.

  • Flexibility in compensation structure, including project-based remuneration.

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